Our Process

At Hidden Brook Stable we pride ourselves on our unique process of breeding. Although not off the beaten path of  usual equestrian breeding, there are only certain aspects that one has working with a

family owned and veteran run business.




Patience is important with both rider and horse development and training at all ages, especially with infant horses below the age of 5. 

Our barn provides a pristine 30 acres to facilitate a meshing of both rider and horse, not only for the rider but for our broodmares, development of foals, and young stock.    




Horses are spiritual creatures; love contributes to their overall well being, mental and physical health in creating the trust between them and their human partners.  Creating a nurturing personality in the horse. 


With our indoor arena, everyday handling, and dedicated staff, Hidden Brook Stables provides extensive and tailored training protocol to each horse in training. 


Good Nutrition



The key to a healthy horse is nutrition, throughout the horse's development nutrition enables the mental and physical health of the horse.  By balancing the nutritional content of the horse, the rider is then enabled to have a rewarding training program.  


At Hidden Brook Stables we have developed a unique nutritional plan for each horse. Nutrition helps maintain the perfect weight and metabolism of the horse. 

Good Exercise



All horses need to run and play, a horse's home naturally is in the wide open spaces of the wild. This characteristic does not end when the horse is stabled with us.    

Within our 30 acres, we provide 8 paddocks to give the horse's daily turnout. Our hotwalker offers age-specific routines for all of our horses. Furthermore, our on-site trainer facilitates a safe amateur friendly environment for the development of the horses. 

All of these factors create the spectacular horses of

Hidden Brook Stables

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